Please Allow Us

Whatnot about the rock life by four  five six friends who listen and play.

Lawr Michaels is a guitarist and songwriter who writes about fantasy baseball, among other things. (

Gene McCaffrey is a guitarist and songwriter who writes about fantasy baseball. (Wise Guy Baseball)

Steve Moyer is a singer and bass player who has been an important ground floor member of such baseball enterprises as RotoWire and Baseball Info Solutions.

Peter Kreutzer is the editor in chief of the Fantasy Baseball Guide and Fantasy Football Guide magazines. He writes at,, and, and listens to music always.

Mike Salfino is a sports writer for the Wall Street Journal who spends a lot of time thinking about popular culture.

Tom Muscarella sings and plays sax in Oakland, CA based Rockridge Station and chose to make our pages home for his long-running Song of the Week newsletter, and we’re glad.

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