Bill Withers, I Can’t Write Left Handed

I loved Bill Withers. Lean on Me is an amazing song. But when John Legend covered this song with the Roots some years back I was surprised because it was powerful and unforgettable and I didn’t know it. Thinking about politics and music making lately, I’m not sure there is much value in trying to change minds, but this tune is a testament to deep feelings that affected us all once upon a time. Beautifully.

One thought on “Bill Withers, I Can’t Write Left Handed

  1. Never heard this before and it might be the best anti-war song I’ve ever heard. Beyond agit-prop to the real. It belongs in the movie version of The Things We Carried. A book crying our for a movie BTW.

    As a musician, I wish the backup vocals developed as the song goes on. That had to be a conscious decision, to keep them so repetitive.

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